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BLF Questions ESKOM Parliamentary Enquiry

The Corruption across the mining sector is not a new thing to the nation of south Africa who have seen the Big white coal companies enjoying the privilege of having Cost –plus contracts with ESKOM since last many years. Moreover these are long term contracts allows them a free hand to operate in the country which further stops other small black firms from coming into the business. The Recent series of inquiries to deal with the corruption in Eskom by the Parliamentary Committee did sound like a planned show as fake claims and dirty allegations has came through by the participants which clearly confirms that only few people are targeted with this and in the wake of recent claims by Suzzanne Danielle which proved fake with the Guptas providing enough evidences to prove their innocence, the inability of the committee for not taking any legal action against her makes the process even more doubtful. Moreover, BLF has now decided to take action against the same as per an article published on their website which is as follows:

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BLF Support Eskom

“Black First Land First (BLF) will once more write to both the speaker of parliament and the chairperson of the portfolio committee on public enterprises to stop the ongoing kangaroo court, called the Eskom Inquiry. It is clear the whole thing was designed as a political witchhunt for those who are driving radical economic transformation (RET). The process followed is open to abuse and those appearing before the committee are allowed to lie and slander at will.

Clearly, parliamentarians are not trained to adduce evidence; instead, they use the hearings to push their narrow agendas, more specifically to defend white monopoly capital. We note that after the slander and lies told about Brian Molefe, his appearance before the committee was not broadcast live by the mainstream media and it was contrived to go well into the late night. This, by design or omission, is tantamount to censoring someone whose name has been tarnished.

Furthermore others who appeared before the committee have openly lied. Even when evidence was provided to show their lies, such as in the case of Suzanne Daniels, who lied about Ajay Gupta, the committee had no appetite to call her back and make her account for the lie.

Right now the witchhunt continues in this one sided inquiry. It is clear that the target of the inquiry are the Guptas, Pravin Gordhan’s nemesis. The inquiry has become a forum to get back at the Guptas through other means, since the legal process has been abandoned by their detractors.

It’s instructive that most of the committee members are enraged by the Guptas who supply only 7% of the coal to Eskom as compared to 73% supplied by white monopoly capital, including Oppenheimer and

Johann Rupert controlled businesses. Where is the call for white monopoly capital to appear before the committee?

BLF will ask the committee to stop the charade in defence of white monopoly capital and allow the Judicial Commission of Inquiry on State Capture to provide a more balanced and thorough going process of inquiry. The kangaroo court going on right now is to settle political scores. It’s shocking that people who have vendettas like, Zola Tsotsi, can be treated as credible witnesses. Tsotsi is implicated in numerous corruption claims. These factors have been overlooked by the committee which is focused on getting the enemies of white monopoly capital.

BLF will ask the committee to remove Pravin Gordhan from that portfolio committee because he is conflicted and does the bidding of his business partners whose interests are threatened by radical economic transformation.”