South Africa White Monopoly

BLF is Ready To Meet White Racists In Court House

Peter Bruce, Tim Cohen and Adriaan Basson are referred to be the white racist journalists who have taken BLF, the black radical movement to court in order to demonstrate their right for protection.  In the court house, the anti-racist movement together with their black lackeys has came to confront each other with the white racist journalist  by arguing that it would be their rights to preserve them against racist. The white owned media was heavily criticized by the black radical movement for its racism and hypocrisy that covers up white corruption. They have also cracked down over white corrupt corporations including ABSA that stole billions from South Africa’s Reserve Bank. Further, the movement has announced that it will be having the ability to meet white racists in the court house who are masked as journalists.

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BLF Andile Mngxitama

Targeting only white journalists and not blacks:

In fact, a statement will be released on the blog of black radical movement even though their website was found to be shut down by the white monopoly capital. According to the statement, BLF is very clear that white journalists will not allow the blacks to get freedom. Because of this reason, the BLF won’t allow the white racists journalists in covering up the white corruption.

Though the court house includes some of the black journalists in the name of Ferial Haffajee, Eusebius Mackaiser and Karima Brown, it is just the rolling action in opposition to white racist journalists instead of targeting black journalists. This simply means that BLF does not have any plan regarding the protest against black journalists, since they are suffering from the signs of mistaking themselves among the master.

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The only thing, which is required by these lost black is nothing an excellent dose of Black consciousness with the intention to get rid out of their hallucinatory whiteness. Because, these journalists are found to be running out of blackness and instead, compensate within the defense of Racism. So, the movement declared that they need help rather than protest.

Notification against black radical movement:

A notification will be sent to the black radical movement in the form of urgent application, which is forwarded by 12 white journalists. Since, they want to harass Black First Land First movement in the desperate attempt so as to silence the movement by means of a legal lynching. The black radical movement is found to be under white monopoly capital’s attack because the movement is fighting against Racism and also demanding for ABSA to reimburse the money, which was stolen from the South Africans.

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As an outcome, BLF has agreed to meet those journalists in the court and would also like to what is journalism? Is it essential to promote racism and cover the white monopoly capital corruption in the name of journalism? BLF has clearly understood that they will not be allowed to get pleasure from the freedom and because of this reason; they would not like to let white journalists while covering up white capital corruption. These white racists’ journalists are trying to make use of the court for bringing back the system of apartheid to ban protests and gag black voice. But, it never works.