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BLF calls for Ramaphosa’s Resignation after Paradise Paper Expose

Paradise papers can be called as another huge collection of secret financial data that has been leaked by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). It must be noted that this financial data, which includes all the details about the Tax abuse by big corporate people and Super-rich individuals, also includes many big firms of South Africa which are mostly owned by WMC and its allies. Moreover, the list also includes firms like Shanduka and Lonmin which got our own deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa as a major shareholder. BLF, being the true flag bearers of the natives of this country has now called for the Deputy President to step down after bringing the whole nation to disgrace by his corrupt acts.

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Ramaphosa Scams

As per the report published on BLF website, it’s been said that the paradise papers clearly confirms that while Ramaphosa served as a non executive board member of MTN, billions of rands were illegally moved from South Africa (SA) into tax heavens abroad. He has also been reportedly involved in tax abusing and money laundering from other African countries which truly expose his Dirty Intentions. BLF stated that Ramaphosa has lied to the nation by saying that he stands against tax evasion and the illicit flow of funds from African countries. It’s now been proved that he is lying and is least concerned with the legal processes of protecting national assets. Ramaphosa is part of the corrupt team that is guided and aided by white monopoly capital and his standing as Deputy President of the country serves to facilitate further corruption.

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BLF has further requested Parliament to ask Ramaphosa to answer on his criminal activities which has now been proved and also confirms his involvement with white monopoly capital to steal billions from the country by forming a gang. As per BLF, Ramaphosa is not a fit and proper person to be the Deputy President of the country. Moreover, the country is now been gripped by a string of serious corruption acts by the while monopoly regime and its supporters. Therefore Ramaphosa must resign from the Deputy President post in order to get his name cleared.

It’s also been stated that while the other arms of WMC like Standard bank were also been named in the Panama papers list, Ramaphosa must step down in order to support the public investigation and accounting in the meantime. Any form of Corruption cannot be tolerated anymore.

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  • This BLF,who do they actually represent?so Ramaphosa must step down?What about Zuma that’s funding u.Try and try,I wanna see Andile when Ramaphosa becomes president

  • The president post is for those who can fight for the country & who will be the reason for the development of the nation not like ramaphosa who exploit the nation with his corrupt mind & scandals.

  • Ramaphosa can do anything rupert can do anything in SA but Still, White media never seen their wrong criminal deeds.

  • Ramaphosa earning so high because having a good share in white companies & spending all most looted money from SA into his election campaigns.