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Black Farm Workers, the Victim in the Recent Farm Attacks

The biased, racist approach towards the black is not a new thing in the context of South Africa and even though the apartheid era has passed, but dirty efforts against the blacks continues. Adding on to the list is a New Report published by the news website 702 as a part of ground observation by Independent Policing Expert, Johan Burger, which confirms that more black farm workers are being victimized than the white farm workers in the wake of three farm murders recently in the Cape. The Report goes as follows:

Black Farm in SA

“The debate around farm murders continues to be a heated one, following a spate of three farm murders in the Cape recently.

One of the most contested issues is how to accurately tally up the numbers of farm murders.

Johan Burger, an independent policing expert, says that this is because no knows for certain how many people are on farms and small holdings. He adds that he has to work with is a baseline curated by known data on commercial farmers.

Black Farm Workers

He adds that there are more black farm workers being killed, which could be representative of the demographics on farms.

Burger says that just because, demographically there are more white farmers, it does not mean that black farmers are not being killed. The main take away for this is that farm murders are not about race, according to Burger.

Burger says that the perceptions that farm attacks are racially charged is because most farmers and their families are white while most attackers are black, but this is not accurate.

Kate Wilkinson, Africa Check senior researcher and Ernst Roets the deputy CEO of Afri-forum agree that the lack of accurate data and definitions on Farm attacks poses a major problem in understanding what is happening.When it comes to whether farm attacks are racially motivated, Roets says it is an it isn’t. This is because there are clear cut attacks where the motives where racially charged, but it would be inaccurate to blanket this motive for all farm attacks.”

The above report clearly signifies that the black people have been targeted in all those Farm attacks and this is quite alarming to all the true natives. They all together must come forward now to raise their voice against this Dirty game by the White people and especially WMC, across all the aspects of South African society. Their dominance needs to be challenged as a big time in order to achieve the dream of Radical economic transformation that we all are looking forward to.