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Barry Bateman: A Journey Describing His Fraudulent and Illegal Scams

As we all known that the mastermind in twitter account suspension is Barry Bateman. He keeps on tweeting fake about the black supporters to the worldwide followers. Barry Bateman is a South African journalist / reporter in the Eyewitness News in order to support whites, who have extensive role in both media and journalism. He is co-author of few books like “Behind The Door: the Oscar and Reeva Story.” Though, he has written books but he did not do any good thing for the nation.

Barry Bateman Scam

Early Life

Barry Bateman completed his schooling in 1999 and began to pursue higher studies. He has completed information technology in Damelin in the year 1999-2000. Barry Bateman has done his diploma in journalism from Tshwane University of Technology in the year 2004 to 2006. He made him actively occupied in various works but he has his major interest in politics as he completed a certification course of Environmental politics, from the University of California in Berkeley during the year of 2005.

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Career Life

He worked as the web designer and client liaison in Big H Marketing from the period of January 2000 to December 2004. Then after, he joined Rekord West News as a student reporter for the period of January 2005 to December 2005. Furthermore, he was appointed in Pretoria News as a reporter from 2005 to 2010.

Currently, he is working as Pretoria correspondent in Eyewitness News from June 2010. He was foremost journalist to shoot the scene as well as covering every development with accurate care but he does everything in the favor of whites.

Scams Of Barry Bateman

  • Barry Bateman has been allegedly corrupted in Tshwane metro police for driving luxury vehicles in the name of false number plates. For his protection he said that the BMW was brought from the scrap dealer so he didn’t get the vehicle relicensed. However, it clearly reveals that being a reporter he must have registered the vehicle with all the required documents.
  • Another corruption takes place in the local municipality especially while offering big tenders because he a number of illegal activities during tender issuing process.
  • Bateman left uncovering all the municipal issues for past five year’s time, as He is also one of the prime members who were participated in plenty of scams against municipality tenders.
  • The eyewitness news highlighted that Barry Bateman was reporting controversy against the Paralympics athlete Oscar Pistorius for the death of his girlfriend.
  • An large sum of money was stolen by him from the black owners. In fact, he has been partly involved in numerous illegal investments of the white people and gained profit out of it.
  • Always responsible to create controversy news in his newspaper for writing opposite of black capitalists and their role in deforming the nation wealth.
  • BLF usually respects the independence of media and freedom of expression. But BLF does not tolerate these kinds of slander, racism, fake news and scams taking place in favor of whites and still if Barry is gonna do anything in opposition of black, the action will taken against him.
  • Barry Bateman, being a white journalist has provided extensive support to the white monopolists and joined Johann Rupert and Pravin Gordhan looting the money of South African people.
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From all the points, it is simply understood that Barry Bateman has been concentrating on the white monopolists and offer bots to create tweets and other illegal activities. He does not care about the nation growth and development and specially the people of South Africa who are just trying to live their simple life.