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Andile Mngxitama Prayed, and the Gods Answered

A lot of media attention and irrelevant hype has been given to the book by Jacques Pauw, “The President Keeper” in the recent times which is said to be yet another version of WMC’s dirty act to bring down President Zuma in front of the masses. Whilst people seemed least concerned about its launch or created hype,the white media still marketed it further by spreading a news of “blackout” during its launch at Johannesburg. Moreover, various assumptions were put in place stating this as a conspiracy act by either ESKOM, BLF or people against the author of the book, Jacques Pauw.

BLF Support

It’s worth mentioning here that most of the white media channels are still assuming BLF to be the main reason behind the blackout. They have been citing the recent tweet by BLF president Andile Mngstima as a reason, which says that “BLF is organizing a nice surprise for the author of #ThePresidentsKeepers nice little one (sic).” While all their assumptions sounded fake and without any real grounds, Mnxgtima cleared the air by giving the statement that “I was praying that something like this would happen. Our message about that man [Pauw] is very clear, so we said, ‘God, do something for us tonight’, and our black god answered”. He further adds that “The President’s Keepers’ is not a book, it’s a joke. It’s a propaganda campaign to undermine radical economic transformation, so we prayed to our god to act on our behalf and I can assure you that more are coming as well”.

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So we can say that Whilst Johann Rupert and his puppets may want to increase the sales of the book by spreading fake rumors and creating unwanted hype, the masses should understand their dirty intentions behind this “Non Sensual” act. Moreover, the book didn’t attract a lot of people’s attention so Rupert might be feeling low on his dirty intentions and must have instructed all his puppets to do whatever they can to push forward his fake agenda of bringing the so called growth to South African Economy. Whatever may be the case , the real native of this nations shall understand the difference between a proven fact and a fake “Assumption” and reject every attempt by WMC and its stooges to bring down this country to any further disgrace.

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source: HuffPost