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ANCYL Questions Ramaphosa’s “Mum” on Steinhoff

The Recent corruption saga at Steinhoff worth Billions has sent the whole nation in Shock state. Moreover, Political analyst and common people are finding it hard to believe that all the business groups (Mostly White owned) and Government authorities are keeping mum on the biggest scandal in the history of South Africa. As per the recent reports published on the News website The New Age, THE ANCYL has raised questions about the “thin coverage” on the “Steinhoff corruption”. It was only Last week when news broke that international retailer and Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed Steinhoff had been found involved in Financial Irregularities exceeding R300bn.

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Cyril Ramaphosa vs Markus Jooste

It’s worth mentioning here that only Last week ANC presidential candidate Cyril Ramaphosa was talking about  his intentions to tackle corruption, while stating that he is  “concerned about South Africa’s economy amid the challenges of corruption and state capture”. Questioning the same, ANCYL said: “Corruption should be corruption; maladministration should be maladministration, irrespective of which race does it. Moreover, ANCYL spokesperson Mlondi Mkhize said while speaking to The New Age yesterday that though he don’t want to say much on why Ramaphosa has kept “mum” on the Steinhoff scandal, being the head of Government business, Mkhize said further investigation was needed. “Deputy President Ramaphosa might have views on the matter but has not addressed them in the public domain,”he further added.

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As per Mkhize, “This appears to be a well orchestrated strategy to loot retirement funds of public servants.” On being asked whether he believes that Ramaphosa is being more silent on White corrupt acts in comparison to the alleged corruption by black people, Mkhize replied, “if that is the case it would be very unfortunate”. It must be noted that Ramaphosa voiced his opinion against corruption last week, saying “we must stand together to eradicate corruption and grow an economy that benefits all”. It can now be said that while the Deputy President is talking big about confronting corruption, he is playing safe in the case of Steinhoff so as his WMC boss Johann Rupert won’t feel offended. The people should now understand the reality and take a decision themselves.

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  • They talk about state capture, they talk about corruption and cronyism, they never miss a chance to take Gupta’s name in every issue and strongly oppose the friendship between Zuma and Guptas. Their ignorance towards the Steinhoff matter shows their priority. A presidential candidate, hoped by many to win, keeps mum on a matter of corruption. He has done this during his whole term as a deputy president and is doing now when he is contesting in the election. This shows what kind of ignorant leader he would be.

  • Ramaphosa is a vocal critic, he is always outspoken about the issues that surround us. Sooner or later he comes up with some sort of speech to voice his opinion. But he has not uttered a word on the Steinhoff matter. Is this because his friend has been exposed?

  • Steinhoff was the most trusted firm of the investors, and such revelation of corruption shook the whole country, still there is no comment from Ramaphosa. Should we take his silence as a sign of his support to Steinhoff and Jooste?

  • Everywhere he goes, he talks about corruption and the ways of dealing with it. Isn’t it ironical that the person who ‘says’ that he is concerned about the development of our country doesn’t say anything about an unprecedented scandal that shaken our country?