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An Eye Opener for All Those Who still want Ramaphosa to Lead

The whole country is waiting for the declaration of the next ANC president amidst high anticipation and drama, as everyone knows that the same person will most probably lead the country later in 2019. While the race for the next president of the ANC is into its final stages, the next few days will confirm who is going to ascend the podium for ANC’s top job. The heat around the political battle has been quite palpitating. The assumptions and predictions will be continuously going on but let’s have a look at one of the candidates, Cyril Ramaphosa, who claims to be the real leader of the masses but has a long history of corrupt acts and dirty deeds.

Ramaphosa Scams

The Name behind the Marikana Massacre

The first string in the big array of Ramaphosa’s inhuman and corrupt activities is the Marikana Massacre, which resulted in the death of around 34 innocent miners and injuries to another 75 of them. On 16 August 2012, the police gunned down the 34 mine workers who were participating in a protracted strike at platinum miner, Lonmin, after wage negotiations broke down. They were demanding that their salaries be increased to R12,500. Moreover, on the eve of the Marikana shooting, Ramaphosa said in an email after discussion with the Lonmin management and government officials that the events around the strike “are plainly dastardly criminal acts and must be characterized as such”. He also called for “concomitant action” to be taken.

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Cyril ‘’the Womanizer” Ramaphosa

In addition to his corrupt and surreptitious deeds, his personal life too has been riddled with controversies. A recent news published in the Sunday Independent by editor Steve Motale talks about his multiple extra marital affairs, which Ramaphosa later agreed to. Ramaphosa, who is also the chairperson of the SA National Aids Council (Sanac) and an outspoken critic of sugar daddies and “blessers”, was allegedly using his massive wealth to prey on multiple women, some of whom were university students. The Sunday Independent has seen documents linking him to at least eight women, many of whom he maintains financially by paying their tuition fees, accommodation and other expenses.

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The Star of the “Paradise Papers”

The Paradise Papers can be regarded as one of the greatest exposes of all times with respect to the rampant money laundering and tax abuse cases. It has shed light on the names involved in these illegal acts in South Africa. Whilst the list comprises big firms like Standard Bank and Investec, it also names a company called Shanduka in which Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa holds a stake along with a number of Glencore’s SA-born executives, including CEO Ivan Glasenberg. As per the leaked reports, the firm was said to be advising Standard Bank of SA on a US$70m facility for the purpose of refinancing Zambia Sugar Plc, a subsidiary of Illovo Sugar Limited which was further being used for tax abuse purposes in Zambia. The list also includes Lonmin, a firm which list Cyril Ramaphosa as one of its shareholders.

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The Bottom Line:

There’s much more to say about Ramaphosa and his allegiance to WMC boss Johann Rupert but now it is up to the people and the judiciary to decide how a culprit like Ramaphosa should be dealt with. The  paid white media is continuously attempting to overshadow all his corrupt acts and illegal deeds lest it becomes a barrier in his candidature. While the public is being misled by them, there are also a few true natives like NDZ, who are ready to confront him and his fake propaganda and then work towards the betterment and prosperity of the South African people.