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15 Year Girl Student Assaulted At Cape Town School! A Proof of Video

Shocking attack on 15 year old girl, The Western Cape Education Department has condemned the violent attack on a high school student by other learners at a Cape Town high school.

The incident, to assault a 15 years girl, is happened at Cape Town High School in South Africa. School Authority has no answer for this violent attack. They said just to investigate the complete matter and then will punish the people who are responsible for this attack.

Stop Bullying and Save Girl in SA

WCED (Western Cape Education Department) and its Spokesperson “Jessica Shelver” came in front of media. According to the resources, Education Department condemns this unacceptable violent attack; and Shelver says “The department and School are concerned by the incident”.

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Further Shelver stated “They had requested involved people to come forward and provide evidence, so the school may take action”. The school is ready to provide counseling to the victim girl and arrange a rehabilitation program. In terms of the code of conduct, the school may apply a precautionary suspension to allow the investigation to take place without fear or intimidation”.

Action of Victim’s Family! Girl Afraid To Go Back To School

A higher secondary 15 year student is allegedly assaulted in Cape Town high school. The father of the girl says, “His daughter is very much afraid and not ready to go back to the school since the day of the attack. Girl’s father is advised by school to go to the police because according to school, the incident is happened out of school not in the premises of school.

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Father Says, “Looking on the video for me is ENOUGH and ENOUGH”. Since, they have opened a case against the people, assaulting and bullying at Athlone Police Station. Family shows a disappointment to the school”.

Basic Education Minister Matsie Angelina Motshekga seems to come in the support of the victim girl and says, “Bullying is one of the saddest incident happened in school. We have requested to all school authority to run a anti-bullying program to support the girl”. She says school should educate its students for this as young children join the school and attract to the activity of bullying.

A viral video on social media, describing the full story of girl and her pain.

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  • Punish the attackers severely like a lesson to others. How rude are they? Whether it happened outside or inside the school premises, the school management should take severe action.